Friday, December 17, 2010

STUFF! / Build Queue.

Barry's cruiser is pretty much done - wow! can't wait to see it in the sun - it's been snowing for a few days now & I'll wrap up the finish details like decals, frame prep & head badge when he comes to pick it up.

Pete M's bike to be, An "all mountain" bike in the true sense of the word, from trail carving to loaded touring.

BAM! just like that - all tacked up.

Alignment spot-on. check.

2.35" Panaracer Rampage all the way forward in the drops? Check. Room for a Shimano triple? Check. Three H2O bottles? Check.

Seat stays fabricated & ready for application.

E. Pollard has been working on his days off for a few months on this "dirt roadster" - nice bike!

Meghan's Cross bike / urban trail / roadster in design phase. This is the raffle prize for the Benton family. Cool!

EP scoping his frame in the last psychedelic fading's of the day.........

And lastly, a drive-by-smiling from the World's Toughest UPS Man!

That's it for now, Folks! Up Next: Meghan {AZ}, Kenny C. {TX}, Ed H. {VA} Katie B {AZ - thanks for showing back up! you took TS's slot, who had to cancel, you have been in the queue for 1.5yrs!} Hannah {VT} Amy P. {AZ} Christie D. {AZ} Alisha {AZ} Jeffery K. {FL} Mike B. {NC?} Tom Crimp {MI} John G. {AZ} Nick K. {CA} Jason M. {?? - E. coast?} Marybeth {AZ} John A. {???} Chris P. {AZ} Justin F {??} Greg B. {CO} Hunter S. {NV} Mark W. {UT} Jim R. {Third bike!! AZ} - I think that's everyone right now.....21 people? - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many folks in your queue, from all over...

devin said...

I like the sunset picture...we
ll be in AZ in April going to make sure we come and say high...

Merry holidays to you and Denise

Gandalf said...

i like the color on that crusier. merry christmas from c-ville.