Monday, December 27, 2010

Pete's bike wrapping up / Sick! @*$^#%!

Pete's 29er trail/tour bike is just about wrapped up, just waiting for him to bring his new rack by so I can get the rack mounts in *just* the right place. Nice bike!

Shaping fillets "toil"


Ditto here. beginning to oxidize..........

Bbbbrrrrrr!!!! Cold! A view from the couch on a chilly morning.

Bike # three came home to get some overhaul lovin' - still going strong at eight years.

El-Son brought me some goodies muy fina from Sonora - a jar of chilipequin & a couple bottles of "India Brava" - 100% ground chilitepin! - HOT! I wish they sold it here - one of my all time favourite salsas.

That's all i got right now. I'm really quite sick {again} Man, just ill. I tried to go to work today but that just resulted in a coughing fit that left me almost vomiting & crapping at the same time. Sometimes you just have to rest, I guess.......I have gotten a couple of bikes behind, big apologies to all! I try to avoid that at all costs, but man - I'm cratered. I was supposed to go biking since the 1st time in over a month too.........Damn. Maybe it will make me feel better? - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

100% agreement on the chilipequins. I have only a few left. I put them in soup and on pizza. They aren't as potent or flavorful when they get old and dried out. When fresh, they are some of the tastiest chiles I've ever had.
Bike #3 looks sharp!
Nice touring rig!
Any pics on the new cruiser built up?

Rody said...

Best wishes on the recovery Steve, sucks being human, eh?


steve garro said...

MM: take your last old ones & grow them! You are a Nuevo Mexicano! Rody: no shit, huh? burning it at both ends all time has it's results.......

Mimbres Man said...

I understand the seeds have to pass through the digestive tract of a bird. That's why they only grow wild. I need another parrot.

steve garro said...

chilis? I don't think could soak them in HCL dilution for a few hours - same thing.

Mimbres Man said...

You don't think I could get a parrot to eat chiles? Probably not.
Getting them to germinate would be a worthy experiment.