Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Damn cool stuff - Shawn's bike outta here, Jeff bike looks badass, 36hrs of fun / Blown Out!

Finally got a built shot of Jeff's 650B - wow! what a sweet looking bike!

Shawn McF's bike is on it's way to him in WA state. It aughta blend into the jungle really nice.

I like this & highly suggest this for disc/one speed use. The way go!

Really smooth lines on this rig..........

All the silver bits really compliment the green really well.

The sun setting over the Kaibab Plateau with the Paria Plateau in the foreground.

The Arizona Strip is one of my favourite spots in the world!

Sneaking up on the fish..........

I love this pic - Gone!

Note dragbag contents..........

off into the deeps!

Breakfast - Tecate & hot peppers...........!

Barry drawing up a measurement scale for measuring trout. 12"-14"-16"+

D. rocking it in the Necky.

Barry in his new boat!!!

Fashion Queen!

Wes & Lou stopped by for a visit. Great kiddos!

That's it for now - thanks readers! - Steve.


Anonymous said...

i'd love to see more detail shots of the paint job on jeff's 650b. very classy.

Joth said...

Good to see you're logging some good time in the boat! Where did you get the SS adjustable disc mount? I've had bad luck with the Pacenti version (have to loosen brake to remove wheel), but that one looks perfect for the task. -Joth

steve garro said...

Dics mounts: 1/4" drill, hacksaw, 6" 1/2 round file.......

Anonymous said...

you ain't kiddin', that 650 is one fine rig!
(Barry's new watercraft looks pretty sweet too. Jealous...)