Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - It's a wrap! Thanks for all of you who made Coconino happen for another year!

This is the beginning of Meghan's 700c all-rounder. She won the raffle to benefit the Benton family, and this is her prize. We are going to Camp Verde for the weekend & I'll wrap it up next week. Get Stoked!

Starting to be bike-like in the early morning sun.

I got in my 1st ride in over a month only to have my steering cable bust 1.5mi into the ride - game over..........bummer........better luck next time, I reckon. It was beautiful out.

Snow is here!

Around a couple feet, I guesstimate.

D. in full arctic mode! Good WI stock.

Gus-Gus / Cody face-off. Looks like Gus wants to go with. Cody is getting really, really old mighty fast. Not sure if she will make 14 or not. She has had a awful good time while she has been here & has been loved allot, that's about all you can ask for, I reckon.

Going to bring the Orange Bike back from the dead. All the parts are just plain worn out. D. wants her geared mtb back.

A big stack of work.

random piece of wall art in the shop.

That's it for 2010, folks! Thanks for the support all around & a really big "Thank You" to all new & old Coconino customers - I couldn't do it without you all - Thanks! Back at work Mon, out of here for the weekend - Steve.


aki said...

Happy New Year to Steve, D and all of YOU concerned with Coconino Cycle world HQ! Wish you have great rides with the finest hand-crafted bikes in 2011.

-Aki from Osaka, Japan

devin said...

tickets on southwest april 15-23
coming up in some kind of fashion,, only have room for one bike but look forward to seeing you guys.....
Happy 2011 keep up the good work..

Sabrosa Cycles said...

8:16:17 is ridiculous. wowsers.

TMANZO5 said...

Congrats on the winter retreat! Will stop by soon, time for some shop therapy. T