Friday, November 19, 2010

update on current projects / out of here for the weekend. / upcoming builds!!

LJ came & got her new ride - light, pretty, and best of all - a great fit for a tall gal.

Barry W's up and coming cruiser build. it's been awhile on one of these beauties. looking forward to it.

The cruiser will be largely built of seamless aircraft 4130. For me, this is real bike building - cutting pieces from 8' raw lengths & just getting down to fabrication. dirty, greasy & nasty, but real fabrication. This will also be one of the lightest cruisers to date, using tubing down to .028" {.71mm} in the front triangle & diameters down to 1".

Who knows what happened to this seat tube at the factory but it's obviously not gonna fly......

Shawn's frame is having a brief time out. My disc tabs in stock just will not work with the Paul dropouts but another builder who commonly uses them has some custom disc mounts made for them that he generously offered to send out. Thanks, Man!

A detail of some finish work on the fillet - smooth.

A nice blending of the metals. This is just a beautiful frame, flowing & an effortlessly straight build.

New weapon of choice - A nice Grobet riffler file. The finish you see on the fillet is from this file.
Thanks hugely to everybody who chipped in for the benefit - we raised $5000.00 for the family!

Office day. It's not all "glamorous" metal fab.

out of here for the weekend, going to get out of the shop for a few days & hopefully catch some rays on the Rio if the weather permits. Back at it on Monday. CLIENTS: here is the build queue when I return, get ahold of me & I will get ahold of you as well: 1st, finish Shawn's {WA}. Next: Barry's cruiser {CA}, raffle winner Meghan's x-bike {AZ}, Pete M's 29er {AZ}, Kenny C's 29er {TX}, ED H. {overseas}, T. {AZ}, Hanna {VT}, Amy P. {AZ}, Christie D. {AZ}, Alisha {AZ}, Jeffery K {FL}, Mike B. {NC?} Tom C. {MI}, + seven more PS - Katie B of Tucson, are you out there? - Steve.

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