Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shawn's bike ready for paint, Barry's under way / went fishing for the weekend.

Shawn's bike done. One sweet frame!! this one really "works" for me, although I did not properly estimate how much time it would take.

I'd like to do more of this set-up in both Paragon and Paul {pictured here} dropouts. Clean, works perfectly, stiff & actually lighter then sliders. *But,* more labour & parts. So: these are a $150.00 upcharge. Also available as a geared setup with the Paragon units, which also come with a bottle opener option. I'll get some pics of these options up on my web page, I am going to overhaul the options - I would not be surprised to see prices go up........

This pile of tubing will be Barry's 26" wheeled double toptube cruiser......

Look! they do come in Metric & Standard!

While it was raining & snowing in Flag our favourite fishing spot was like this! Score! only one fishing boat in the entire parking lot. Yes - it was killer.

Sunrise on the Arizona Strip. I love the Strip.

The Vermilion Cliffs.

Snow beginning to fall over the Kaibab Plateau. They closed the road for the rest of the year over the plateau two days after this.

Sun cracking over the Echo Cliffs - briefly.

Up early to hit the water before the wind starts, usually around 1-2 PM.

D. is just killing it trout fishing. This hook-jawed male is staging for the spawn - hence the aggressive hooked jaw for fighting other males and the brighter then usual pink as well as the white fin tips. He went back in the drink to help make more little rainbows! A quick measurement before She released it put it ~ 19"

A quick look & back in the drink.

Yet another getting ready to peel out into the deep.
That's it for now, y'all. Going to have some breakfast & go to work. One thing: Blogger tracks stats & this blog is getting over 6,000 hits a month but I have few comments - am I just boring or is my comment filter all wack? drop me a quick comment, huh? - Garro.


Cellarrat said...

mmmm fishy's I love the Strip!

mhandsco said...

I get your posts through Google reader, so if others do as I do, I'm not even sure if 6000 hits is an accurate reflection on how many readers you have.

Always a pleasure to see what you're up to, the trail-side flowers and fishing spots. On a drive from Mesa to Jerome and Sedona last year I was very much aware that I was in Garro country; so many familiar sights from your posts!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt - Winnipeg, Canada

Jason Alsvig said...

Dig those dropouts!
I still check out your blog constantly. Good motivator. I don't comment often because I'm kinda quiet and don't say much.

Have a good one, Steve,

Jason Alsvig

Cyclebound said...

Still reading here yo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Denise. Stay warm.

Kyle O said...

I'm usually to in awe of the scenery or the metalwork to say much, but love checking in on what you're up to.

Easton Heights Blogger said...

I'm one of those that reads your blog but doesn't comment! I just love reading your stuff and seeing the great photos of part of the country I'll probably never get to see. love the bikes too, of course!

aki said...

Greeting from Osaka, Steve and D! I dig these paul dropouts, and wander who made the adjustable IS disc mount...


Anonymous said...

So while you lose some weight with the Paul dropout you pickup some adjustment time when changing a chain/tire? They do look clean and uncluttered compared to sliders.
Regular reader from Bisbee/Patagonia. Salivate over the bikes (one day!) and am inspired by the trail and travel pics. Keep on posting!

Gnome said...

I read you loud and clear, amibro!

Pfaff said...

I read this blog all the time but have never commented. I think you'd probabaly get tired of me continually posting things such as "awesome" or "kick ass".