Sunday, November 07, 2010

Shawn's bike, lots of wheels, still some fall colors.

Sorry about the late fall/winter sucky light. par for the course this time of year. here's Shawn's bike in raw material form. I had lots of photos of all the tedious little steps which my six year old camera that smokes when the flash goes off seems to have erased.......damn.

it doesn't show much promise here, but this will be a pretty seat tube sleeve soon.

Completed front triangle - chainstays tomorrow, wheels today.

From left to right: DT-Swiss/XT, Velocity/Ultegra, Stans/Phil Wood, DT-Swiss/Paul/Schmidt. that's allot of sweet wheels. Lots of dough, too.....

we saw Luke out in the woods with his seven year-ish old Coconino. looking good! nice patina on the bronze headbadge.

Ready for many more.

Amazingly, fall colors are still hanging in there in spots - what a treat! the last few years it seems like fall only lasted a few days, it rained or snowed, and all the leaves fell off.

POW! hard to beat that. not many reds or orange aspens this year - odd.

Some hedgehog cactus up at around 8,000ft peeking out from under the fall's dead pine needles.

The old fall-for-fall spot.

That's it for now - thanks for reading! A busy week ahead, finishing Shawn's bike, assembling Lainie's, the Barry's cruiser & the raffle winning bike. later, Steve.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was about '96, i rode in the back of a pickup to compton terrace, near the gila river rez, had to be about 120 degrees and saw the buttholes play outside in the daytime. five minutes into their set someone threw a glass bottle on stage- gibby said "you ass holes throw anymore shit at us and we are leaving.." they played about fifteen minutes. I heard compton terrace got torn down. sucky! maybe its a walmart now? - bradman