Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lainie's bike at paint, Shawn's getting going.

Shawn's bike: square one.

all drawn up! why are newbies so scared of doing life sized drawings? I don't get it. maybe it's a generational thing, but I find anything on a computer takes longer {for me} as you start fiddling with variables that are non-essential whereas if you are up to speed building then you know what you have to build & you build it. the front triangle is the most "custom" part of a bike, it sets all your contact points. the chainstays are a set length according to your jig, but vary bike to bike. still, no need to draw them out. and seatstays are so custom bike to bike that you just fabricate them to the frame once the chainstays are attached. just because it's designed on auto CAD doesn't mean squat if you put in the wrong numbers or don't fit the person correctly, or know how the parts work - don't even get me started on cable routing........

A year back or so ago I got Mark Norstad at Paragon machine Works to make these triple "O" {or would it be "OOO?" braze-ons. I originally designed then to provide clean routing on curved toptube frames as the allow the housing to contour the tube, but have since adopted them on most frames. as they are stainless the housing can wear on them all they want to no harm on the frame, it just polishes the stainless. very tight, not much to snag, shoulder friendly, not sharp. expensive.

Some final finish work on Lainie's frame. off to paint! A light blue with a pearl topcoat. Girly yet tough. it will have a deore XT 10-speed drive train, A Rock Shox team SID fork + hand built wheels with DT-Swiss rims. I built this one pretty thin, it should be quite light yet very comfortable.

more finish work. seems like I just couldn't let go of this one.

Annie's bike out on the trail. This bike is the one that got crunched into her garage & had to have a whole front end replacement - ouch! look happy & shiny now, though.....good thing it was steel & could be repaired. many more 1000's of miles & smiles left on this little orange scoot!

Annie, Me & Gullo realising we may be crushed if we don't move - wind season!

Me, Denise & the trail. That's my riding crew.

That's it for now, y'all - thanks for reading. I have to have a tooth ground off today, cracked it, bummer. better then no teeth I reckon. So, off to the dentist today. hope to be able to lace a pile of wheels this afternoon & get back at frame building tomorrow - Steve.


devin said...

The frames are so beautiful you do great work..
Like Annie's retro shirt..

Keep up the good work.

steve garro said...

Damn you must be old when shops you owned are "retro!"

Frank Eeckman said...

wonderful frames, very nice work!