Monday, November 15, 2010

ccol stuff / lainie's bike trail ready / Shawn's coming right along / catchup day.

Lainie's bike all good to go, just caught the last rays to snap a few pics of this sweet rig.

light! thinner, smaller diameter tubes, light tires, very light handlaced wheels, a Rock Shox SID, Deore XT 10 speed with Avid BB-7 brakes.

detail shot.

checking clearances on Shawn's rig. all very good! this bike is very labour intensive {yet to start the custom disc brake mounting} but man - it's come out just straight. really liking the Paul dropouts, too. Slick units - light, too.

eyeballing exactly where the cross brace will go.

hand carved from 1" x 1/8" 4130 chrom-moly strip. Hacksaw, grinder & files.

fully tacked together & ready for brazing into a complete structure.

That is a damn nice braze - still very, very hot. cooling down from ~ 1,750*F

De-fluxed. smooth. Damn smooth......

Smoother still.

this day is a wrap.

D's sis M. came out for a visit with her family & it was a great time - Thanks for getting out on a ride with me!

perfect! a little snow, low 40's, NOBODY out on the trails. best trail conditions all year.

that's it for now, folks - big cleaning/paperwork day, but back at grinding & polishing on Shawn's frame tomorrow, then Barry's cruiser & Meghan's cross bike. Hey - thanks for reading! - Steve.

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