Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barry W's cruiser coming right along, First Sedona ride of the season.

A pile-o-stuff destined to be a 26" double top tube cruiser. Note the x-tra long seat tube sleeve and the twin breather holes......

A long way from a pile of greasy, dirty 4130!

Machinist's eye view or mitering fish mouths.

Seat tube sleeve assembly tacked to the BB shell & ready for the first alignment check.

Gus-Gus in snow mode. Russian Blues are cool cats.........He is quite the "little buddy."

A view from the top of my 1st ride on the one-off of "anaconda" trail - it was nice!

A quaint little hedgehog cactus garden.

xxxcellent conditions - traction was premium.

Pretty high on the eye pokers - I did my best to remove as many as I could fling & Denise helped by shoring up some trail edges. Nice trail!

Just checking in on a snowy day before going back to work on the cruiser - Steve.


jeff Pomeroy said...

Great pics Steve. Especially like the last one. You, brother, are a beast!! BW's cruiser is gonna be sweet too! Rock-

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gus Gus is guarding those big Leadville belt buckles well.