Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mike's bike gone, Lainie's coming right along.

Mike's bike came out killer! it's a very dark, rich green. I couldn't post it until today as he got it yesterday for his B-day. nice!

A detail shot to show both the smoothness of the fillets & a hint at the actual color, "laser moss."

and lastly, a progress shot of Lainie's frame. I've spent the entire day today doing parts quotes, cleaning & organising. Finishing L's bike tomorrow, and starting Shawn McF's frame/bike {WA}, Barry's cruiser frame {CA}, the raffle bike for PB's benefit {won by FMC employee Meghan}, Kenny C's frame {TX}, Pete M's frame {AZ}, Ed H's bike {??} Hanna's bike {VT} - and more..... Steve.

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