Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lainie's frame ready for polishing, Gitty's complete, busybusy shop stuff, finally getting in some riding!

Gitty's bike all done Schweeeeet!

Checking out Lainie's for proper clearance - all good! this bike is in the dunk tank all brazed up.

Frame alignment check, table level view.

BW helping me make rolled top tubes, 32' worth! two diameters, two wall thicknesses.

then, on to cutting fish mouthed seat tube sleeves, 4" long items cut from 8' long raw lengths of aircraft seamless 4130 steel.All fabrication in house, baby!

Lots of cool parts coming & going through the shop - five wheelsets alone, for example.......

Brazing on fumes alone - Just one more frame, please!! {it worked}

Getting out riding again, got to get back in shape now that I'm not sick anymore. it was 37*F at the trailhead - brisk.

Glorious! A great fall so far.

Still some green left, remarkably. About a week left on these before they all fall off, maybe.....

Happy D.!

Still cool even leafless. that's a grovel on the handcycle. rocky, steep.

One of my little secret trails. not one track other then elk.

Up, Up.

that's it for now, Out to the shop for more toil. Thanks for reading, all! - Steve.

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