Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm here! Just really busy.

Lainie's blue print all drawn up - GO!
Raw material off the rack. Made from scratch & custom the whole way.

cut to miter length, scrubbed inside & out, butting measured, headtube cut & faced, BB shell polished, seattube sleeve fabricated & polished. ready for cutting.

Bam! fast forward to just needing seatstays. Today I'll get along on these, but I need a day to organise all the builds currently going on & to radius a batch of toptubes & fab some seattube sleeves.

Gitty's frame all done, a nice matte grey with reflective safety decals.

Straight on. Four 26" MTB's in a row.

A close up of smooth tube junctions in poor light.

good ole' headtube badge shot. those are some tiny allen bolts, yo.

......And a frame pickup from Jeff, another awesome custom job from Spectrum Powder works! wish there had been better light, but Jeff said he will get some action pics when the sun is out.

Detail shot - the whole frame is this sweet.

Sally stays very, very close when there is lightning, which there has been every day - weird weather this year. Personally, that looks like a sucky place to hang, but she likes it.

Sumac bushes going off in the yard - I hope to get a day off this weekend to go see some colors before they all fall off.

You know it is fall when the tarantulas walk around. I get along quite well with them. you can't feel a thing when they walk on you.

Anniversary trip! our 9th year of marriage, 10yrs together. It was nice to spend a couple nights under the stars at one of our favourite spots. See those tiny blue specks in the lower left? those are really, really big rafts.

Chief has-no-tent went along, always amusing & he is a great help.

That's a nice one - back in the drink. they are staging for the spawn & we keep a few smaller guys for daily consumption - eat locally! Wild, too - organic! Tasty, too........

Different trout, back it goes as well.

D. rocks the trout fishing.

That's a keeper - fat, too.

Barry at a long-line portage - that's shallow! low water this trip - only 8,000CFS.

There's a smiling woman with a big knife behind you........

That's it for now, Y'all. wrapping up Lainie's frame, Mike's & Shawn's gear piling up, Gitty waiting on a King headset, Shawn's frame up next & then Barry W's cruiser frame {cool} Then, Kenny C's frame to TX, Pete M's Touring bike for here in flag, then Ed H. I've actually kinda caught up, taking orders for August/Sept. 2011. Hey - thanks for reading! - Steve.

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perryd said...

Great looking frames. That grey is classic. When I win the raffle, that's how I want mine to look. Yea.