Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bammy's bike out of here, Mike G's coming along just fine.

Bammy's bike came out great! big bike/big guy.

Mike's will get brazed in the morning. it's coming along smoothly, I'm quite pleased.

beautiful curvaceous seatstays start out as raw cuts of dirty, greasy 4130 aircraft tubing.

chainstays all fixtured up for brazing with silver alloy.

alignment check pre-seatstays.

just a quick check-in, busy! more pics when brazed - Garro.


devin said...

Just read your last post looks like a good vacation.. Always an inspiration to keep moving. Enjoy the last throws of summer and fall before the cold sets in..

Anonymous said...

hey steve, looks like an epic trip up north. say hello to denise for me, jess and ada. she's coming up on one year already.. whatcha listening to there with the yellow artwork? bradman

steve garro said...

Brad: Wrinkle Neck Mules: "let the lead fly" - excellent!