Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bum, Bloggery & the Cash. - Busy! / Bammy's bike, Fall.

Been a Bum with no Bloggery 'cuz I'm making the Cash. Points awarded for the band reference, with double if you can quote the original author & the context in which it was written. anyhoo, just busy. here is some finish work on Bammy's bike, three hours total in the multi-tube junction.
Gleaming in the sun fresh out of the dunktank, resplendent among the fall flowers of our little 1/2 acre.

Pre-finish filing.

Final alignment. spot on!

working on the dropouts. as you can see this side is the natural puddles whereas then opposite side has been heavily faceted for the smallest 11 or 12T cog/chain to clear when used as a geared bicycle, although it will be a one speed at conception. I also still have to fabricate the disc brake mount & associated stay brace.

Sally is getting OLD. it truly saddens me. she is a great companion & continues to be completely lucid {and pushy} but her feet are giving out. no more arm bike rides :{

Damn, I have never seen so many fresh bear signs in the Dry Lake Hills before. here, one has been rock-flipping for any larvae & grubs. lots of torn apart logs & eaten berries. Denise still got plenty of ripe gooseberries on the climb, however.

A splendid Lupine, this one with unusual white tips.

Boy, lots of Horny Toads. this guy was too cold to even move - cold to the touch, even.

We put him back on a rock in the sun to bask & be quite camo.

I took the hardest way to the top I could. moist trails & not a single track {or, in places, hardly a singletrack}

A single Hare bell.
Another Horny Toad, but this one was hot, fast, and willing to bite!

ripping the down hill!

That's it for now, Y'all. Next up on the build queue - Gitty & Katie B. - Garro.


miles whitmore said...

"rum sodomy and the lash" pogues second album title and supposedly a quote attributed to winston churchhill as in "dont talk to me about naval tradition. Its nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash"

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine a better life than that that Sally is enjoying.....

When I come back, I want to be a Garro-dog.

Preskit Matt

steve garro said...

thanks, Matt! that means allot. I love my critters...

Margo said...

Sally looks a lot like my dog, Murphy, who was ornery and persistent, but her body couldn't keep up at a certain point from the arthritis. Even gimpin' along, she made it to well past 16 years. Long live Sally!
I like what you see from the arm bike: you are so close to the ground!