Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some great time off, back at it full on tomorrow.

Boy, I sure feel better after a few days off with Denise. I was feeling pretty tattered there last week. On our trip Denise really clicked at trout fishing - she slayed it! what a totally great, relaxing time. I needed that. back at it tomorrow, work is looming & I got three more orders while I was gone. looks like current delivery time is July/August.
what a beauty! a rainbow trout indeed.

sun setting on our camp.

now that's a great trout! Denise's best yet.

niiiice. it was mostly very clear although it rained on us really, really hard the last day - there were waterfalls pouring off the rocks - beautiful.

our wonderful folding Longhaul Mark 2. here it is sitting in the lee of a natural burbling spring.

Denise saluting finger rock.

storm a-brewing.
some guy fell of this baby a few weeks ago - an 800ft whipper to eternity - that's 1000ft vertical right there.

yay shade! Denise's favourite spot.

lunch lady beach.

Denise is very proud of her flowers - they are rocking! it's like living in a jungle.

A beautiful primrose. they bloom at night and wilt immediately when the sun comes out.

I snagged the first bike ride in quite awhile, a semi-easy three hours on the mountain. it felt good to be pedaling!

We saw Heckdog out on his six year old Coconino - going strong!

fungi are everywhere!

.....and more Indian paintbrush then i ever remember seeing.

yep - fall flowers.

it was a nice week, but back at it tomorrow full-tilt, Bammy's 29er already mitered and waiting for me. thanks for reading, all. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

That pic makes my bike look huge! Male enhancement at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice photos and that Denise is a fishing fool in a great way!!! Jon Milliken