Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jo-Mo's frame off to paint, Jeff's cruising along, a ride snuck in between the rain.

Jeff C's 650B cruising right along. sorry about the lack of pics on this one, I've been just throttled with metal work, build kits, wheels & all kinds of good stuff.
Jo-Mo's 26" wheeled MTB is off to paint for a coat of "black olive"

Next to Jo-Mo's bike is Manzo's bike - my neighbor. he's working on it on weekends with my help.

I saw some members of my fan club when I went out to go riding. the gal was yelling "look at this shoe, look at this SHOE!" it must have been a size 20. performance art meets insanity......Good old Flagstaff!

I got out for a quick ride in perfect conditions. here, Indian Paintbrush.

Viguera - longleaf sunflower.

Fly Agaric - most poisonous things.

A budding Orchid.

A killer lighting strike scar on a Ponderosa. there were 4-5' splinters blown out for 30 yards.

wringing out as much traction as I can from my Maxxis skins.
Checkermallow - I love these guys.

That's it for now, just checking in, Thanks for reading! - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...


Anonymous said...

Think the stupid &%*#$ hates Steve?

Anonymous said...

not familiar with the cover of your braze'n and blazing cd selection this week, steve.. what you listening to there?

steve garro said...

Brad - Camper Van Beethoven: "our beloved revolutionary sweetheart/vampire can mating oven"

john coe said...

steve, i think that 'orchid' is really a pine drop. coral root orchids don't have those bell-like flowers. i make this same misidentification often.

steve garro said...

yeah, hard to tell until they pop the flowers - two epiphyties with no chlorophyll....