Monday, August 02, 2010

busy as all hell, cool stuff coming out of it, tho......

Auger's new bike - damn, it sure came out sweet. be sure to tell him if you see him, OK? how about those awesome cut-leaf coneflowers too, huh? props to Denise, our flowers are just rocking & deserve a post themselves. the rain as of late has been truly biblical.
Jo-Mo's frame, it's just waiting for rack mounts to be applied & for a few last tid-bits to show up like brakes and rim tape, of all things. Also, Manzo's frame came out stellar, he is going to try his hand at polishing it, too.

wheel building over coffee. four wheels start to finish in 2.5 hours {I took my time} Yes, I still build wheels for anyone who wants to purchase them. I have built literally thousands. drop me a line when you need some new hoops laced up. I carry all the big players minus Mavic & Salsa.

that there is a damn nice braze, folks.

ditto. nice pool.

The dogs don't like the lightning & stay very close. Sally loves my stinky shop jackets. I have been spending allot of time with her, she is aging before my eyes & it saddens me very much. well, that's the update for now. Starting Jeff C.'s frame tomorrow, doing errands & resting today. After Jeff we have Bammy, Gitty, Katie B., Lainie & Mike, Barry W., Kenny C. ect. out to where I am currently taking orders for May/June 2011. thanks for reading! - Steve.


Japhy rider said...

Sally girl!

Tony said...

Amazing fillets man. Really awesome.

David A said...

Damn! Steve....those fillets look like butter! NICE! Are you using a gas fluxer? LF Brass?

Dave Anderson