Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buile queue - People get ready! / out of here until the 23rd.

Well, we are out of here for a few days - I need it! I've had three days off this month, and in the past six weeks kicked out five frames including one repair {worse then a build} two forks, three complete builds and over a dozen wheels. I am cooked. So, we are going kayaking & fishing on the Rio Colorado for four days. Today I am just puttering & cleaning & packing, the humidity has been up to the high 80% the last few so I'm holding off on metalwork until I return as to not need to de-rust it all in a few days, although I started mitering Bammy's frame yesterday.

So: as this is the first clean slate I have had in quite awhile {two frames @ Spectrum powder works right now} and as such I thought it would be a good time to go over the Build Queue. I am "promising" two bikes a month, although as stated above I usually surpass that, although through unseen circumstances {feeling crappy, acts of god, supply chain issues} sometimes it's the minimum. what can I say? hand made takes time. I'll make sure it's worth it. I am slowing down a bit as I approach my 5th year in a wheelchair, but, my work is getting better & better. I feel on top of my game, building wise.

To close, here in it's entirety is my current client list, more or less in order unless something comes up. Ready? 1: Bammy - on deck. 2: Gitty. 3: Katie B. 4: Lainie J. 5: Mike G. 6: Barry W. 7: Kenny C. 8: Shawn Mc F. {heal quick!} 9: Pete M. 10: Ed H. 11: S. 12: Amy P. 13: T.S. 14: Christie D. 15: Alisha. 16: Jeffery K. 17: Mike B. 18: John G. that's all for now, folks! thanks allot - Steve.


Anonymous said...

rock on steve! get some r&r on the river. your kicking ass and building beautiful bikes. say hello to denise. brad p.s. i'm enjoying the music you influence on me..

Silk Hope said...

Your fillet brazing is an artform.

gabe said... are the BEST! Though I'm a "hack" I know quality when I see it and you are the standard and bar from which I measure. Enjoy your time off and by all means....Keep it up. gabe, Smokebikes