Sunday, August 15, 2010

August has been a blur.....

Jo-Mo's bike is done - a gorgeous coat of "black olive" plus a nearly full XT build - Jo-Mo opted for the Avid BB-7 cable actuated disc brakes, simple and easy to use. the bike is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, his neck and back are wonky and the geometry will allow him to ride pain free & happy for many more years to come.

We have quite literally tens of thousands of sunflowers going off in the yard! they all came from three dried flower heads I imported from a field around six years ago and have spread and are trying to take over. they bring birds of every sort into the yard, everything from three kinds of hummingbirds to finches, bluebirds, ravens, woodpeckers, creepers, flickers and even hawks.

looking out upon our 1/2 acre at echinacea, wild geraniums, pussytoes, red hot poker......Denise has made the property flourish. in a couple of years we will be enveloped.

Richard's Geranium still blooming while the Columbines are winding down.

We have quite a few Blanket flower. I love these guys.

Cut Leaf Coneflower.

Some fresh Fillets on Jeff's 650B which is completed & ready to go to paint.

Bill sent me this pic of his Coconino in action touring Ireland. sweet, Bill!

I got out on a beautiful ride in the aspens, but I was soooo tired I barely remember it, I just remember an overwhelming sense of "green" - I was supposed to ride yesterday but i was.......too, I worked more tying up Jeff's frame. I'm burning the candle at both ends to earn a 4-day fishing trip next weekend, and then we will be gone Sept 15th - Sept 30th in Oregon to see my Mom & Sis and see a bunch of friends and family at the Fat 55 MTB race in Oakridge, OR on Sept 18th - That's it for now, back to work this morning but I get a massage mid-day - I need it, BAD. - more pics & a report in a few days on Bammy's bike.
one more pic of the actual trail, Steve's eye view - Thanks for reading! - Steve.

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