Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some great time off, back at it full on tomorrow.

Boy, I sure feel better after a few days off with Denise. I was feeling pretty tattered there last week. On our trip Denise really clicked at trout fishing - she slayed it! what a totally great, relaxing time. I needed that. back at it tomorrow, work is looming & I got three more orders while I was gone. looks like current delivery time is July/August.
what a beauty! a rainbow trout indeed.

sun setting on our camp.

now that's a great trout! Denise's best yet.

niiiice. it was mostly very clear although it rained on us really, really hard the last day - there were waterfalls pouring off the rocks - beautiful.

our wonderful folding Longhaul Mark 2. here it is sitting in the lee of a natural burbling spring.

Denise saluting finger rock.

storm a-brewing.
some guy fell of this baby a few weeks ago - an 800ft whipper to eternity - that's 1000ft vertical right there.

yay shade! Denise's favourite spot.

lunch lady beach.

Denise is very proud of her flowers - they are rocking! it's like living in a jungle.

A beautiful primrose. they bloom at night and wilt immediately when the sun comes out.

I snagged the first bike ride in quite awhile, a semi-easy three hours on the mountain. it felt good to be pedaling!

We saw Heckdog out on his six year old Coconino - going strong!

fungi are everywhere!

.....and more Indian paintbrush then i ever remember seeing.

yep - fall flowers.

it was a nice week, but back at it tomorrow full-tilt, Bammy's 29er already mitered and waiting for me. thanks for reading, all. - Steve.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buile queue - People get ready! / out of here until the 23rd.

Well, we are out of here for a few days - I need it! I've had three days off this month, and in the past six weeks kicked out five frames including one repair {worse then a build} two forks, three complete builds and over a dozen wheels. I am cooked. So, we are going kayaking & fishing on the Rio Colorado for four days. Today I am just puttering & cleaning & packing, the humidity has been up to the high 80% the last few so I'm holding off on metalwork until I return as to not need to de-rust it all in a few days, although I started mitering Bammy's frame yesterday.

So: as this is the first clean slate I have had in quite awhile {two frames @ Spectrum powder works right now} and as such I thought it would be a good time to go over the Build Queue. I am "promising" two bikes a month, although as stated above I usually surpass that, although through unseen circumstances {feeling crappy, acts of god, supply chain issues} sometimes it's the minimum. what can I say? hand made takes time. I'll make sure it's worth it. I am slowing down a bit as I approach my 5th year in a wheelchair, but, my work is getting better & better. I feel on top of my game, building wise.

To close, here in it's entirety is my current client list, more or less in order unless something comes up. Ready? 1: Bammy - on deck. 2: Gitty. 3: Katie B. 4: Lainie J. 5: Mike G. 6: Barry W. 7: Kenny C. 8: Shawn Mc F. {heal quick!} 9: Pete M. 10: Ed H. 11: S. 12: Amy P. 13: T.S. 14: Christie D. 15: Alisha. 16: Jeffery K. 17: Mike B. 18: John G. that's all for now, folks! thanks allot - Steve.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August has been a blur.....

Jo-Mo's bike is done - a gorgeous coat of "black olive" plus a nearly full XT build - Jo-Mo opted for the Avid BB-7 cable actuated disc brakes, simple and easy to use. the bike is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, his neck and back are wonky and the geometry will allow him to ride pain free & happy for many more years to come.

We have quite literally tens of thousands of sunflowers going off in the yard! they all came from three dried flower heads I imported from a field around six years ago and have spread and are trying to take over. they bring birds of every sort into the yard, everything from three kinds of hummingbirds to finches, bluebirds, ravens, woodpeckers, creepers, flickers and even hawks.

looking out upon our 1/2 acre at echinacea, wild geraniums, pussytoes, red hot poker......Denise has made the property flourish. in a couple of years we will be enveloped.

Richard's Geranium still blooming while the Columbines are winding down.

We have quite a few Blanket flower. I love these guys.

Cut Leaf Coneflower.

Some fresh Fillets on Jeff's 650B which is completed & ready to go to paint.

Bill sent me this pic of his Coconino in action touring Ireland. sweet, Bill!

I got out on a beautiful ride in the aspens, but I was soooo tired I barely remember it, I just remember an overwhelming sense of "green" - I was supposed to ride yesterday but i was.......too, I worked more tying up Jeff's frame. I'm burning the candle at both ends to earn a 4-day fishing trip next weekend, and then we will be gone Sept 15th - Sept 30th in Oregon to see my Mom & Sis and see a bunch of friends and family at the Fat 55 MTB race in Oakridge, OR on Sept 18th - That's it for now, back to work this morning but I get a massage mid-day - I need it, BAD. - more pics & a report in a few days on Bammy's bike.
one more pic of the actual trail, Steve's eye view - Thanks for reading! - Steve.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jo-Mo's frame off to paint, Jeff's cruising along, a ride snuck in between the rain.

Jeff C's 650B cruising right along. sorry about the lack of pics on this one, I've been just throttled with metal work, build kits, wheels & all kinds of good stuff.
Jo-Mo's 26" wheeled MTB is off to paint for a coat of "black olive"

Next to Jo-Mo's bike is Manzo's bike - my neighbor. he's working on it on weekends with my help.

I saw some members of my fan club when I went out to go riding. the gal was yelling "look at this shoe, look at this SHOE!" it must have been a size 20. performance art meets insanity......Good old Flagstaff!

I got out for a quick ride in perfect conditions. here, Indian Paintbrush.

Viguera - longleaf sunflower.

Fly Agaric - most poisonous things.

A budding Orchid.

A killer lighting strike scar on a Ponderosa. there were 4-5' splinters blown out for 30 yards.

wringing out as much traction as I can from my Maxxis skins.
Checkermallow - I love these guys.

That's it for now, just checking in, Thanks for reading! - Steve.

Monday, August 02, 2010

busy as all hell, cool stuff coming out of it, tho......

Auger's new bike - damn, it sure came out sweet. be sure to tell him if you see him, OK? how about those awesome cut-leaf coneflowers too, huh? props to Denise, our flowers are just rocking & deserve a post themselves. the rain as of late has been truly biblical.
Jo-Mo's frame, it's just waiting for rack mounts to be applied & for a few last tid-bits to show up like brakes and rim tape, of all things. Also, Manzo's frame came out stellar, he is going to try his hand at polishing it, too.

wheel building over coffee. four wheels start to finish in 2.5 hours {I took my time} Yes, I still build wheels for anyone who wants to purchase them. I have built literally thousands. drop me a line when you need some new hoops laced up. I carry all the big players minus Mavic & Salsa.

that there is a damn nice braze, folks.

ditto. nice pool.

The dogs don't like the lightning & stay very close. Sally loves my stinky shop jackets. I have been spending allot of time with her, she is aging before my eyes & it saddens me very much. well, that's the update for now. Starting Jeff C.'s frame tomorrow, doing errands & resting today. After Jeff we have Bammy, Gitty, Katie B., Lainie & Mike, Barry W., Kenny C. ect. out to where I am currently taking orders for May/June 2011. thanks for reading! - Steve.