Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When your friend shows up all the way from Venezuela and wants to go fishing, you take him!

Damn - beautiful weekend! Barin {Mimbres Man} came into town & it was Barry's B-day so we took off to the ferry for a few days. sweet!
Little kayaker, big canyon.

Denise firing up some lunch - trout burritos with guacamole.

one of the little buddies scurrying about.

Mimbres Man!

High stress situation.........

nice one, Barin!

I love trout. every one is different. back you go!

Barry slammed it out of the park with this one - nice fish!!!! that's a great B-day present......

Denise too - She just keeps getting better at fishing.

I wonder what it's impression of this experience was once released?

It's a wonder they were biting at all - the cicadas were out & there was NO shortage of food. the fish were really fat.

We got rained on every day just a bit. Every night, too.

Rogues' gallery!

This one was my favourite of the trip - just awesome spots. back you go!

Another one for Denise - nice trout!


Barin setting up for 8-mile riffle.

"finger rock"

Just another day on the Rio.

Well, I went right back at it. Marzoff's frameset goes to paint today, I built Jesse's up yesterday, and I'm going to start Annie's garage v. bike repair today, too.
Next up on the build queue: Gitty, Manzo, Bammy, Jeff C, Jody M, Katie B, Lanie J, Mike G, Barry W, Kenny C, ect, ect out to April - Steve.


Smilin-buddha said...

What kind of knife is that on her vest. Looks nice

Mimbres Man said...

Thanks Steve! I was a killer trip! We'll do it again...Hopefully next summer!