Thursday, July 29, 2010

when i'm this busy something has to give - blogging in this case.

Sorry readers & clients, but i've been so throttling-ly busy that I have not had the energy to update this site, but here you go! 1st, Jo-Mo's frame at the get-go. full build 26" wheeled MTB with a SID fork & a rear rack, all Deore XT with wheels built by Moi.
checking the straightness of the frame's "spine".

completed seat tube sub-assembly.

My segmented seat stays at the get-go - oily, greasy dirty aircraft 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel, baby!

fast forward through several proprietary steps and here you go.

.......and a few more and you have some swoopy seat stays ready for mitering.

......and then tacked to the frame.

fully tacked, ready for brazing.

a pretty nice one, there.

view from the shop: 2010 sunflower crop. we must have 10,000+ of them this year.

as My friend & fellow OZ builder & fellow framebuilder's collective member says "hard yakka"

Jo-Mo's in process hanging next to Auger's, which is waiting for parts. all I'm waiting for now are the Phil hubs & BB & the King headset + spacers..

and as if that's not enough, we are building a bike for my neighbor while he is here on the weekends, he let me snag his rock crew for our patio last summer.

Auger's parts. seven, yes seven vendors = seven separate orders. that eats up allot of time, folks. it will be really awesome, however! building the wheels for this one, too.

I also got out on a couple rides in the wood & suggest that you all do the same as well. That's right - step away from the haunted fishtank, throw you electronic gizmos as far as you can & go for a ride in the woods. Stop and actually look at all the wonders it holds while you are there, too. Flagstaff Penstemmon here.

I never tire of Sego Lilies.

Sally turned 14 and she is sadly winding down on hand cycling. heck, she's 100! she will get out more as it cools & we are going to take the pooches fishing on Mon.

Steve's eye view.
taking the turns pretty hot - great conditions!

Yep. I told you she was getting tired.

Friend Meg checking out a very nice Deer's Ears.

Golden Columbine.

Wild Oregano.

A tricky bit.

P. Barbatus.

Potentilla Hippiana.

Denise & Meg.

little horny toad buddy.

now that's allright right there.......

Denise drove the rig down from the mtn. while I took the trail.

well there we go. with everyone's moving schedules here are the builds in current order coming up: Jeff C., Bammy, Gitty, Katie B., Lainie & Mike G., Barry W. - I'll check back in ASAP - Garro.


Cyclebound said...

Looking good Steve! I am going to have to get another cup of coffee to ponder the word "throttling-ly". The plants are going nuts with all this rain. I see your sunflowers are no exception. Have a good day.

big jonny said...

Good on ya, homie. Haunted fishtank indeed.

Anne said...

Beautiful flower pics! You told Flagstaff ex-pats not to look if they missed it, and that includes me but I don't think the tears will last too long ;)