Friday, July 02, 2010

the projects keep a-rolling.........Taylor's bike outta here, Marzoff's winding down.

Taylor picked up his frame & fork, a dropbar 29er world touring bike that should take him anywhere he wants to go in style. When I get built up pics from him I'll post them for y'all.
I got Marzoff's fork pretty much finished, and am well on the way to finishing the frame as well.

Partial progress shot, I also have the chainstays on as of now. I'd get going on the seat stays, but I didn't sleep at all last night, and I think I'll lace & tension wheels today {I have a big stack} instead of doing seatstays. I can build wheels while asleep, but I can wreck seatstays if not totally alert. it all has to get done at sometime, somehow.
Also going on is the build kit for Jesse's bike, sooner or later it will get all sussed out, it looks good on my wall.........Off to lace wheels & maybe get some sleep - more later, Garro.

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