Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Marzoff's frameset winding down, Taylor's built, some stellar trail conditions on the peaks!

all I have left is a metric shit-tonne of polishing & some braze ons and this baby is off to paint. full build, too.
cleanly fillet brazed.

a nice look - classic, even "retro" if I may be so bold.........

Dropouts spot-on.
straight, damn straight.

Taylor's world tourer - badass. this bike just says "bring it on - let's go somewhere."

I got out on an almost totally dust-free ride. it was awesome - 4+ hours of groveling. I am cooked, sore & in pain today. I'm taking the day off from metal work to do some body maintenance. I feel mighty F'ed up.

Indian Paintbrush, Lupine & Fescues.

Sneeze Weed & Deer's Ears.

Happy Wife! We had a great day out together.

Sally-Dog R&R.

cool color! I had a bike this color, and boy, did bees like it.

A gaggle of Deer's Ears.

Loco Weed.

awesome lighting, awesome shade.

C'mon, Rain!!!!!
One of my secret stash.

White Pine & Lupine.

This one went quite a way, but then got too "loggy"

I just rode some random meadows, too. nice views, no dust.


I love the detail of the veins on this Iris.

Cool colors on this Lupine.

That's it for now. Wrapping up Marzoff's frameset, Building Jesse's bike up, then bikes lined up out to April. More soon, Thanks for reading! - Steve.

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aki said...

Thanks for sharing pix of beautiful wild flowers, me and my wife enjoyed them very much.

Taylor's BADASS tourer looks very nice, I like these bombproof wheels!