Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taylor's bike, getting out.

Taylor's drop bar 29er touring bike is coming right along. I feel a little behind right now, so forgive the lack of build pics. something has to give in the sake of production. Big bike! four water bottles. fits 2.5" tires, too. With OMM racks it will be a burly gear hauler.
curvy stays for big tire clearance.

Parts mock-up post alignment check. going optimistically very well.

I got out for a four and a half hour grovel high on the peaks - it was really sweet.

My kinda secret little trail. I have hundreds........

Denise, the Dogs & I got out for a relaxing day out canoeing. very nice, and refreshingly lush.

The Thimbleberry bushes were blooming down to the water. Beautiful!

I believe that these are Solomon's plume. Gooseberry Currant, too.
red & yellow Columbines.
Green Sunfish.

That's about it right now, all. thanks for reading! I have a big bunch of Nor-AZ builds coming up, I have gotten caught in an unexpected time vortex where all the builds got more complicated, but that's cool - just takes time. that's why it's called custom. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Effin rad. Thanks for posting pics, Garro. I was in hell this week for a court hearing and had been checking the blog. She's looking beautifully burly. I cant' tell you how cool it is and happy I am to watch a long-contemplated bike idea become an actual bike. Stoked. TM

Winter Bicycles said...

Time vortex- maybe that means it's cleared out of my shop for a bit.

Clean as ever, Steve!

vulture said...

Huevos Rad! I listen to that album a lot. Cool bike. Thinking about Garros a lot lately. Nice Speil on Vsalon.