Friday, June 04, 2010

Jesse's frameset done! out on the AZ trail, tired, damn tired.

All i can say is "hell yeah."
very cleanly fillet brazed.

this finish is from a fine file, next it will be sanded with 80 grit emery paper.

setting the violets out for the hummingbirds.

aaaarrrghhh! man, my arms are toast. i sprained a finger last week, feel like i have shin splints in my forearms, and just about every joint is stiff and grindy.

out for a fine grovel with Denise & the critters at 9000ft. dust next to snow Flag conditions!

parts are pretty bony. this area tends towards sharp blocks.


Well, folks, that's a wrap on that project! been very worked, but still kicking it out. I am definitely slowing down a bit on building due to physical concerns {arms are at 100%, all the time} BUT, man, my metalwork has really shone as of late, I think. I sure have been liking what I see, and I like that. sorry if it takes awhile, and thanks for your patience, Much appreciated. Taylor McK. is next, 29er touring bike. then: Marzoff, 26" one-speed, Gitty, ditto. Bammy, Jeff C., Jody M., ..........ect, all the way out to march as of today. thanks! - Steve.

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