Saturday, June 19, 2010

checking in - been busy! taylor's frame off to paint, Jesse's back, some sweet riding.

man, I had a great ride the other day! feeling pretty damn strong, but pretty damn thrashed, too.
boy, this will be sweet with some rain when the flowers finally pop.

welcome to my church.

Sally waits patiently for me to pull a three point turn.

ooooohhhh, aaaahhhh.........

hitting some downright scary speeds descending from 9,800ft.

resting with Sally. way off in the distance you can see the painted desert thousands of feet {almost a vertical mile} below.

Mt, Humphreys, Arizona's highest at 12,633ft. hard to believe how fast 25+' of snow can melt.

Fremont on the left & Aggasiz on the right.

I sure am glad we can get out into the mountains together. that's what it's all about.

Taylor's frame resplendent with a full range of braze-ons. it will be back in black.

Seat cluster detail.

some damn fine fillet brazing.

post-polishing shot. smooth!

Jesse's frameset back from paint - looks sweet! waiting on the parts kit to choose the sticker color. gotta lace the wheels, too.

Hey! that's it for now. just cramming in work getting ready to leave to the White Mountains for a week on the 23rd. get ahold of me in the next few days if you need to. Build list: Marzoff - on deck today. Manzo - waiting for you to show to start. Jody M, Jeff C, Gitty, Bammy, Katie B, Barry W, Lanie J, Mike G, ect......... - Garro.


Matthew said...

Steve, I'm very jealous of the areas in which you get to ride. Nice work too, by the way.

mattfreed said...

Can you tell me what trail that is with the Aspens?