Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks everyone for a fine B-day boating trip! - Lee's Ferry great as always.

Lee's Ferry, AZ - one of my favourite places.
reptile resident.
shooting the shit with Yod.


Barry laying into a nice trout.

.......and a pretty nice one myself.

Sonja, Ian & Doug Hall + Smithers float out of camp 9.

just enough room to sit - that's a full ducky!

Sonja taking it all in.

dinner on the way.

here is a natural spring full of maiden hair ferns...........

.........and Orchids!!!!!!!

I believe it is Epipactis Gigantea - "chatterbox orchid" - I believe Coconino County has over 20 species of Orchid, I have seen 6, i think.

Lunch break.

A Primrose in camp.
Camp 9.
A close up of an Agave ready to pop.

it's last act before dying.........I guess they live 25-50yrs or so.

A beautiful prickly pear - not sure of the species.

these guys were going off everywhere!

is that rain? yep. got a night/morning of rain - it smelled great, as only the desert can.

Denise self - portrait.
"finger rock"
little boaters, big place.

Doug & Ian.

rain gone, lots o' sun.

look what I found in Smither's boat...........

Y-O-D is in the house!

Smithers doing what a Smithers does - Smithering.

Denise taking a dose of painkiller - she shoved a hook all the way into her arm & I had to shove it the rest of the way through & then cut the barb off and pull it out. it bruised up real good but she was a trooper!

Camp scene - Smithers is ready. we told him about being top heavy, & sure enough, he got swamped twice!
Chief Has-no-Tent.
Good Morning, Sweetie!
A white egret - it has really cool bright yellow feet.

up river we go.
That's it, another great trip - thanks for showing up, everyone. Great Trip!!!!! - Garro.


Mimbres Man said...

Looks like it was a killer trip!

I am thinking I might haul one of my boats to the USA this summer prepping for my ultimate move back.

Craig Ryan said...

The Egrets with the yellow feet are Snowy Egrets. Really neat birds. Thanks for the photos!

Mimbres Man said...

Hey Steve, relooking at the pics and Smither's boat in comparison to your LongHaul. I am sure the LH stows gear like an aircraft carrier. My Klepper is similar and for it, I have a small, hard plastic cooler, big enough for a 12-pack of cans, that fits behind the rear seat, behind the rear deck. It is nice to paddle to a remote beach, accessible only by kayak, and drink icy cold beer, eat a sandwich, and not be bothered by obnoxious powerboaters. Someday soon, perhaps we will be able to join you at Lee's Ferry.

nierman said...

man, steve, i look forward to these photos every time and yhey just keep getting better. thanks for sharing! cheers