Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still Here!!!

I figured i better put up a post as i had begun getting e-mails about if I was OK - yep! just *busy!* getting allot of work done, fixing bikes, building multiple wheelsets, building forks, frames, sprained a finger which blew up all purple, and even got a couple rides in - whew! Here is Jessee's fork being checked out with about $3,500.00 worth of equipment.
the very start........

raw materials - very raw.

clean & shiny!

the blue prints get worked very quickly.

mitering set up.

checking the seat tube for perfect straightness.

H2O bottle fixture - awesome.

two POV's i received & archived + art from friends.

checking Jessee's frame for alignment.

looking quite bitchin'.
Eric brought by his stunning commuter. this bike is all kinds of sweet.
while I was at it i built a new fork for Denise's townie.
$$$$$$$$ - $ilver.
now she can run 45's no problem.

Smithers tuning up his touring rig we made together a few years ago. one tough-ass bike.

ready to go where ever you can pedal it!

got in some good time with my beautiful wife. I love my wife!!!

Sally-dog inspecting Annie's bike out on the trail.
oh yeah.
ripping sunset trail.
grinding up schultz creek.
.....and groveling up meadow.

that's it for now, all - enjoy! looking at a very busy summer coming up & riding tomorrow. thanks for reading! - Garro.


devin said...

Things looking good... you coming this way again?
Say hi to all and keep the goods coming..

planteo said...

After I was raving about the sweet fit of my Coconino a friend asked "how does he get such a good fit? Does he have a computer program or something"?
To which I replied, well you give him your measurements and he just builds the bike up underneath you on a blue print. Then I realized I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. So now I am wondering, how do you get such a perfect fit for your riders? Without giving away any trade secrets of course.