Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mark's bike cruising right along.

Project start: raw materials cut to raw length, cleaned and inspected. True Temper, Dedacciai, 4130 & Paragon Machine works. this will be the third bike for Mark's family. I still need to get a color from you.......
Tight tolerances for this bike. Mark knows what he wants.

Nice! a 650 x 55B all the way forward in the dropouts {Kenda nevegal 2.1 - 55mm wide at the widest knobs} Phil Wood outboard bearing bottom bracket, Shimano 105 road cranks with a single 34 tooth ring - very custom. It will be running a White Bros carbon fiber "rock solid" fork up front.


Some fine spring weather only a few days ago - almost 70*F today - hooray!

After much squeaky wheel treatment Paragon made up these sweet triple hole braze-ons from stainless steel. no more rust creep from the housing wearing through the paint + smoooth full length cable routing.

random shop shot - Brazing rig.

A finish shot I forgot to post for Jay L.

Ditto here. finished on the right, almost there on the left.

That's it for now - looking forward to an "open door" day at the workshop - viva la primavera! - Garro.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, great pics..the earlier blog with the flowers - beautiful, especially the stink weed! hope the finger is better, glad it hit 70, miss you, Joe