Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jay's bike ready for pickup, Mark's almost done, a tough grovel with company/out of here from the 13th to the 18th.

Jay's bike is complete! it looks shred-worthy for sure. everyone needs a trusty one speed in their collection.
color: orange-brown with gold nugget top coat - like a mineral or mica. fitting, seeing that it will live at Grand Canyon, AZ.

Mark's frame all tacked & ready for brazing. I really dig this phase where the bike is all tacked and you can see the form of the bike as well as the tight fish mouths. you can hide allot with bondo & paint, none of that here.

uber-hot head tube braze. smoooooth......

same here. ready for sculpting and polishing.

signature Coconino segmented seat stays. every bike is different.

only $100 billion? WTF? it's that of year to man up & pay your framebuilder insurance. expensive, but peace of mind is worth it - I have allot of $$$ invested in my business & my clients.

these evil critters are invading now that wind season is upon us.

out on a five hour single track grovel with Darol K. tough!!! i was tapped for two days. Darol is a hardman, he has ridden up Kilimanjaro........I try to serve up a suitable beatdown every time he comes up.

still lots of snow up there.

that is it for now. i'm out of here for a kayak tri from the 13th to the 18th. *UPCOMING BUILDS!!* - Taylor Mc K, Marzoff, Gitty, Bam-Bam, Jeff C, Jody M. talk to you when i get back - Garro.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Garro...for some reason I believe today is the day you were born...say 25 years ago...or so. Happy birthday?!! -Ben Proctor