Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Desert in bloom - Awesome!

The flowers were rocking in the lower red rock desert with more on the way - many of the cacti are just now getting ready to pop. Here is a Claret cup hedgehog cactus.

heading up canyon.
Mystery Flower #1 - Planteo??

my unique stinkweek flower.......

A dirty duo!



California Poppy.
MF #2
Anybody know this Penstemmon? *gorgeous!*

leaf detail - Desert Penstemmons often sport this kind of leaf to capture water more efficiently.

Hombre que feo y Flores que bonito...........
MF #3.

Desert four o'clock.


Sego lily.

Antelope horns.

Banana yucca.
MF #4.


enjoy! Mark's bike is coming right along, but deserves a post on it's own. nice to be warm! - Garro.


ted said...

awesome scenery out in the hills, great photos, spring is late here as well, the warm weather should be showing up soon. I hope. My bike is coming from Mike next week, looking forward to using it. What broke on your one-off? Anything I should be concerned about? Have a great day

steve garro said...

only thing with the one off is just 4yrs of wear n' tear taking it's toll. I blew a DT-Swiss freehub body - Go Shimano! i coulda fixed it out of my junk box! - Garro.

aki said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing, Steve. Happy to know real spring has come in Flagstaff.

Yes, all the junk box has Shi*mano freehub body. I wrestled with UG one for my FH7400 yesterday.


planteo said...

Garro's Mystery Flowers!
MF#1 Platystemon californicus aka Cream cups
MF#2 Baileya multiradiata aka Desert Merigold
Penstemon pseudospectabilis aka AZ penstemon (apparently in only pseudo spectabular)
MF#3 Melampodium leucanthum aka Blackfoot Daisy
MF#4 will remain a mystery unless you think it could be MF#1 in bud.
Good plant challenge. I had to seek help from Mar on these. I'm going to add cyber-botany to my resume!

Mimbres Man said...

Sheesh Steve...those flower pics are making me homesick all over again! Bonito!