Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tom's bike done / Sam's getting there / pics of customer's bikes {thanks!} / a tough ride / tired & sore / *NEXT FIVE BUILDS!!!*

Tom's frame is a wrap - sweet color! i still nee to press the King head set in & send it to MI.
that's going to be a pretty bike......

checking out Sam's 650B.

checking out the parts fit. all good.

I did some custom work on my new one-off. i only need a couple small parts and it will be ready to assemble - I am stoked!

Stan's 29er in WI looks absolutely smashing.

Justin's bike in CA as well! Nice color match on the parts.

Joey's 29er all built..........

.......and out on the now open Arizona trail near Cosnino.

I attempted a 1st ascent of O'Leary peak N. of Flagstaff - a 2,000ft vertical climb - i made it to within 800ft vert of the top. I'll be back when this is wet for a new try at it. this trashed me for days! i'm still pretty jacked up. It's all volcanic cinders. that's allot of work.

Denise had never been out in the cinder parkland north of town - it's a unique ecosystem with many plants growing nowhere else in the world and big expanses of super sharp lava.

I started climbing at a little below 7,000ft and Sunset crater is 8,000ft so up i go. the top of O'Leary is 8,019ft........

A glorious view of the Inner basin & Arizona's highest peaks. still allot of snow up there.

Denise trying out a dog carrying system. Sally is 14yrs old & gets tired on long rides. she likes the pack! It makes her feel "special."

i cranked out some top tubes with Barry's help.

My roller is happy to see you!!!

now that will build some bikes. buy American! a bunch of fine steel tubing from Mississippi for bikes going all around.

Random desk shot - a new shipment of headbadges & a nice painting from P. Dragone in Boise of his Coconino - thanks! very cool.

that will do for now, i reckon. SO: here is the next five frame builds. *GET AHOLD OF ME & I WILL DO THE SAME* Jay L., Mark H., Jessee G., Taylor McK., Marzoff *and one more* - Gitty. Be talking to you all very soon - Garro.


devin said...

I like the wisco bike I'll have to keep my eyes out for that one.. The Blue 9er is stellar and the Yellow is one that catches the eye...I might have to get in line one of these days..
you guys coming out this summer?

Dave said...

Nice first ascent! Reading your blog is a great motivator, can't wait to get my bike!

Pablo said...

Love seeing all those frames built up. Everyone has their own style and they all look great.