Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sam's frame - shiny! + some Flagstaff paddling.

Beautiful! a gleaming piece of human interactive kinetic sculpture getting ready to go to get some custom gravy at Spectrum powder works www.spectrumpowderworks.com if you get a bike from me and you request custom work, this is where it goes, at extra cost, of course - the sky is the limit and the customer deals directly with the artists to create a unique piece.
Man, it took me a long time to get this out, but it sure is nice! it's a 650B built around an 80mm travel fox 29er fork. i have been slow lately, my back has been absolutely killing me at & below my spinal fusion & i have had to take many stretching breaks to get through the day. I think i over did myself recently........

final checks.

still a little crusty & ready for some file action. a nice braze!

the first thing i do every morning to go to work is find my shoes - i throw them where ever i may be when my feet hurt too bad to wear them any more, which usually signals the end of the work day..........

I still felt too worked from my last handcycle ride to want to go again, so Denise & I went for a paddle on Lake Mary, just down the street from our house - not bad, huh?

The Ospreys are back.

Lastly, we saw Brad Dimock on the maiden voyage of the "Glen Canyon" , which he had just finished building - very beautiful, had to appreciate in this picture, for sure. it will look right at home on the mighty Colorado River.

That's all for now, folks! enjoy, Garro.


Mimbres Man said...

That frame has some really beautiful lines! Nice!

Christie said...

SWEET!! Thanks for the pics. Can't wait to ride "er. Sam