Friday, April 02, 2010

A fine weekend with friends & family.

this is sorta what it actually looks like from my viewpoint........
Greg looks on sceptically as i check out the first of many stream crossings. kinda deep!

Eugene was along, i always enjoy when i get to ride with him. we are a good speed match.

Michelle going for it - she made it!

a fruiting staghorn cholla.

rare photo of Me & Denise.

Michelle & Greg.

i liked this one!
Fun Times, back to work tomorrow! - Garro.


Cyclebound said...

I hope you're careful around those cholla. They look to be about face level. I imagine that wouldn't feel to good. Looks like you're having fun. Keep it up.

aki said...

Nice to see Steve and Eug combo on the trail!

Say "jitensha!" to Eug for me, cheers!