Wednesday, April 28, 2010

quite the smackdown this last week +..........

Here is Jay's MTB getting the final pre-braze alignment check.
.....and post braze & de-fluxing. quite nice!

also, a custom disc option. damn, it works smooooth. this is now a + $100.00 upgrade, quite a good bit of work in these - bottle opener included! I hope to fininsh this today or tomorrow.


We all got out on an all day paddle yesterday - it was clear and beautiful {windy, too} fishing was a bust, too cold, still.


the lake is spilling over, but these logs show that the water can get much higher.

well, that's about it. i had a trying week. tons of pain, both my bikes broke just in time for my friend Mike to come down to ride - I had to stay home while Denise took him riding - SUCKY. it made me bummed............the old computer quit & we had to figure out a new one, I had to re-do the chainstays on Jay's bike, I tacked them on, but they didn't quite work for me, allergies are slaying me - Ect, ect, ect. But, i have finally got some sleep & I am back at it! thanks for all you Patience, all - much appreciated! - Hopefully, back to business as usual - Garro.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mid-April: Jay's bike, trails are well on the way to dusty.......

Start of project: Jay is getting a whole bike, so here is the start: a 100/140mm travel fork for 26" wheels, a pair of King hubs & a pile of metal bits........
next, using Jay's measurements & input i have drawn an accurate life sized blueprint. this is what all the tube lengths, jig settings and cut angles will be extrapolated from.

Here, all the excess tubing has been chopped, the head tube cut to length from a 5' stick and faced and chased, the seat tube sleeve has been cut from an 8' length of 4130 steel, the toptube has been curved on the 3-ring radius roller, the vent holes all drilled in the sleeve/BB/head tube, and the whole pile thoroughly washed in hot, soapy water, scrubbed inside & out, inspected for blemishes and manufacturing defects dried off and checked and marked for bowing and butting profiles. can you say "labor intensive?"

super fast-forward to a tacked BLO. "bicycle like object" - this frame would be exactly what i would be riding - 26" wheels, 23.5" toptube, good standover, and chainstays at 15.75" all the way forward with an operating length of 16.25-16.5". it will carve turns great and still wheelie drop great with the long-ish travel fork up front.

I picked up this great old tool box.......

.....clear full of machining tools!

we went for a 3 hour grovel on the mountain yesterday, and yes, it's already really dusty in spots. sometimes right next to snow. go figure. the S. facing trails are going to be HAMMERED y the time the N. facing ones open. C'est la vie. thanks again for reading {assuming some of you still are - how long should a blog run? - I've been doing this for four years?} will you all read four more? - Garro.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sam's frame - shiny! + some Flagstaff paddling.

Beautiful! a gleaming piece of human interactive kinetic sculpture getting ready to go to get some custom gravy at Spectrum powder works if you get a bike from me and you request custom work, this is where it goes, at extra cost, of course - the sky is the limit and the customer deals directly with the artists to create a unique piece.
Man, it took me a long time to get this out, but it sure is nice! it's a 650B built around an 80mm travel fox 29er fork. i have been slow lately, my back has been absolutely killing me at & below my spinal fusion & i have had to take many stretching breaks to get through the day. I think i over did myself recently........

final checks.

still a little crusty & ready for some file action. a nice braze!

the first thing i do every morning to go to work is find my shoes - i throw them where ever i may be when my feet hurt too bad to wear them any more, which usually signals the end of the work day..........

I still felt too worked from my last handcycle ride to want to go again, so Denise & I went for a paddle on Lake Mary, just down the street from our house - not bad, huh?

The Ospreys are back.

Lastly, we saw Brad Dimock on the maiden voyage of the "Glen Canyon" , which he had just finished building - very beautiful, had to appreciate in this picture, for sure. it will look right at home on the mighty Colorado River.

That's all for now, folks! enjoy, Garro.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tom's bike done / Sam's getting there / pics of customer's bikes {thanks!} / a tough ride / tired & sore / *NEXT FIVE BUILDS!!!*

Tom's frame is a wrap - sweet color! i still nee to press the King head set in & send it to MI.
that's going to be a pretty bike......

checking out Sam's 650B.

checking out the parts fit. all good.

I did some custom work on my new one-off. i only need a couple small parts and it will be ready to assemble - I am stoked!

Stan's 29er in WI looks absolutely smashing.

Justin's bike in CA as well! Nice color match on the parts.

Joey's 29er all built..........

.......and out on the now open Arizona trail near Cosnino.

I attempted a 1st ascent of O'Leary peak N. of Flagstaff - a 2,000ft vertical climb - i made it to within 800ft vert of the top. I'll be back when this is wet for a new try at it. this trashed me for days! i'm still pretty jacked up. It's all volcanic cinders. that's allot of work.

Denise had never been out in the cinder parkland north of town - it's a unique ecosystem with many plants growing nowhere else in the world and big expanses of super sharp lava.

I started climbing at a little below 7,000ft and Sunset crater is 8,000ft so up i go. the top of O'Leary is 8,019ft........

A glorious view of the Inner basin & Arizona's highest peaks. still allot of snow up there.

Denise trying out a dog carrying system. Sally is 14yrs old & gets tired on long rides. she likes the pack! It makes her feel "special."

i cranked out some top tubes with Barry's help.

My roller is happy to see you!!!

now that will build some bikes. buy American! a bunch of fine steel tubing from Mississippi for bikes going all around.

Random desk shot - a new shipment of headbadges & a nice painting from P. Dragone in Boise of his Coconino - thanks! very cool.

that will do for now, i reckon. SO: here is the next five frame builds. *GET AHOLD OF ME & I WILL DO THE SAME* Jay L., Mark H., Jessee G., Taylor McK., Marzoff *and one more* - Gitty. Be talking to you all very soon - Garro.

Friday, April 02, 2010

A fine weekend with friends & family.

this is sorta what it actually looks like from my viewpoint........
Greg looks on sceptically as i check out the first of many stream crossings. kinda deep!

Eugene was along, i always enjoy when i get to ride with him. we are a good speed match.

Michelle going for it - she made it!

a fruiting staghorn cholla.

rare photo of Me & Denise.

Michelle & Greg.

i liked this one!
Fun Times, back to work tomorrow! - Garro.