Friday, March 19, 2010

Sedona beatdown..........

dropping in on Ridge Trail - no problem! five hours in the sun, 70*+F and no riding for over a month = one hurtin' unit. it beat me up but good.
A nice view of the giant monuments around the Village of Oak Creek area from Airport Mesa. cool. the clouds were really neat, I always think of them by the name for them that i got while in Argentina, "colas de yeguas" - "mare's tails" in English.

dropping down towards the creek with Cody. i thought the Ocotillos would be green or blooming by now, but not yet - spring is just starting down there.

a tiny Mamillia cactus - all the cacti are as fat as they can be due to the winter moisture.

Here is a most excellent christmas cholla. a cool & not super common native species.

blooming mystery plant........

about what my mind felt like near the end. "i've got a head with wings."

My beautiful wife, i'm so glad that she loves me & takes me out riding. i'm here today, but we are going paddling Sat/Sun. at Lee's Ferry. i have to get out as much as possible while i can - it could start snowing again at any moment/day! - that's it for now, enjoy the pics, y'all. - Garro.


Anonymous said...

Steve, please say 'yahoo' to Hayduke and the gang at Lee's Ferry for me...


Tarik Saleh said...

Nice line on the first pic! I assume it is hard to go over the bars?

Rody said...


You got it right, Denise is one heck of a gal :)

I'll miss seeing ya this spring, the boys are heading west without me. Maybe next year?

I like the Morphine quote, made me smile.


steve garro said...

Anonymous - Me & Hayduke are tight! i did meet & chat with Abbey once. Tarik - i haven't endo-ed it yet, but i came close late that day - it was so steep my H2O bottle was dripping straight down onto the rock! Rody - been on a Morphine kick lately - Man, those guys were killer - too bad Sandman left us, i liked his style, two strings, no frets, just rock. - Garro.