Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stan's frame out of here, Jude's at paint, postcard from the edge, Lee's Ferry.

i finally got Stan's decals & prepped and shipped his frame.
last shot before it goes in the box.

here is an old postcard! i sent it from Bolivia in 1999. i have a few, i'll add more if you like them. the picture on the card is show below - classy!

Llamas have been around for quite awhile - i doubt they needed help. we did check out some tough mountain folk in helmets like this guys - they are TOUGH.

we just got a few days in at Lee's Ferry - it was *awesome!* there was no snow but wayyyy up high.

we got to dial in our twin Neckys - that are pretty smooth feeling, nice and stable.
Jerry & Roabie got out with us - Good Times!

my 1st time solo in a kayak since i got crushed. nice trout, too!!
The Tooth - the largest free standing rock in Arizona, i have heard. it certainly is huge. 1000ft++.
Denise near {you guessed it} Cathedral Butte.

Denise eddying out behind a big boulder.
Barry, Jerry, Roabie.
Marybeth & Brock did a drive by & we hit them up for beers. contrary to their float, it does not look like they needed help.........

more later, starting Justin's bike in the morning - Steve.


Cyclebound said...

Looks like you had a good time at Lee's Ferry. The black on that frame with the straight top tube is classic looking and bad ass too!

Sam Correa said...

MMM Falso Canejo.

hansdativ said...

Wow. Next time I come to the U.S. I reaqlly have to see AZ.

Craig Ryan said...

Steve, congrats on joining the Collective! No one deserves it more.

perryd said...

More postcards from the edge, or as I like to call that time "Steve Garro-The missing years". Do you know you were once mentioned in a medical journal for avoiding a south American intestinal parasite by drinking "only beer and Fanta"? Truth.


steve garro said...

Perry - True! i've read that one. i also once diagnosed on the spot a tropical disease that had escaped diagnosis for FIVE years in the USA & had almost killed the guy the whole time & was eating his flesh & insides {Leishmanisis} - Garro.