Monday, February 01, 2010

Stan's frame finished, Jude's coming right along / finally got out!

Stan's completed frame. a very straightforward sweet rig.
a nice, fat strong fillet.
while it seems that blending the two fillets together would be less work, it's actually more work to polish - go figure.......
Jude's bike, 1st sub assembly. seattube sleeve made from an 8' length of 4130, seattube cut to length & mitered, H2O holes drilled & ST tacked to the BB shell. still need to drill the vent holes for the down tube & toptube and the seat tubehole and slot. it's the "spine" of the bike - make it good.
BAM! front triangle all tacked.
I got out for my 1st exercise in over two weeks. damn, that was a long two weeks. trails were *perfect*.
dropping ledges with Annie. i sure love it when my old mtn biking friends take time to go out riding with me!
Dry Creek was flowing crystal clear & ice cold. the pebbles in the stream bed were very pretty and the dogs were very stoked.
damn, this is a huge Arizona Cypress. one of my favourite trees.
our cat Gus-Gus has issues........good taste, but issues nonetheless.

that's all for now, happy February, y'all. Garro.


Boedie Cycles said...

Steve, bike looks great. A question for you- do you silver braze the seat tube sleeve or use brass?

Boedie Cycles said...

Steve, after spending a few seconds reading on your blog, it looks like you use silver. Silver would be my choice as well. I think with a long enough sleeve, it's not an issue of losing silver. I've tried brass, but you have to have such a big gap for brass for it to travel. Silver is so much easier on lugs. HAve you ever had any issues with your method of seat tube sleeving? Thanks again for providing so much inspiration for my building. Now if I could only channel your fillet skills into my head.
Cheers, Chris

devin said...

Great to see you out there making me jones for some dirt and not the stuff on the side of the roads...