Monday, February 08, 2010

Stan & Jude - tubes in, bikes out.

Ahhhh - high gloss black. much like the proverbial "little black dress" it leaves little to imagination & hides even less........every imperfection jumps right out at you, but this frame is smooooth. just waiting on silver decals to send this gem to WI.
i really tried to blend all the fillets perfectly & i'm proud of the effort.

man, that looks cool in the snow. we got more snow & we have drifts that i estimate at 10-12+ feet with an all over coverage of around 4'.

fillet brazing sure is allot of work but worth the end results are distinctive & worth it.

here is Jude's 650B fresh out of the dunktank this morning. gonna put in a good pull on polishing it up today & get it off for a coat of Turquoise ASAP.

i have been really getting in the groove brazing. a hot fast pre-heat with a huge flame & then detail work with a smaller precise flame.

FFF = fine fresh fillets.

Security Force!

that's it for now dedicated readers {all 85!} thanks, all - Garro.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That glossy black steel frame stuck in the snow is crazy beautiful.

humjude said...

Ahh, to be a dog. In terms of hedonistic lifestyle they reign supreme. Followed closely by those of us lucky enough to own and ride a garage full of fine, handbuilt steel bikes...

Sam Correa said...

Is that a Coconino shirt that Cody is sporting?

sminch said...

good deal! you just gained two more readers since you posted this. Keep up the great work. It all inspires me. Thanks, Wil