Monday, February 22, 2010

Justin's frame: process sequence.

Sorry about the lack of pics, i've been super busy getting your frame done & packing for Baja - we will be gone & completely out of contact from Feb 24th to March 11th. get ahold of me now, or get ahold of me then.
does this romantic little nook look like a place you would want to spend 1/4th of your life? well then maybe Framebuilding is the career for YOU!

i missed the main triangle shot or it didn't download, but here we are checking out component specs & clearances.
i like the old school term "fish mouths" for what most call "miters" now. when an old cat walks in and looks and says "nice fish mouths!" you know they are with the program.
fully tacked, aligned, cleaned & ready to be brazed.
this set of rear stays was not an easy creation. sexy, though!
end of day clean-up beer well earned.
MMMMM..........brazed & soaked.
not bad, quite smooth & easily worked.

booth shot.
as she stands. about 75% finished. i'm going out there right now to wrap it up.
we are quite ready to go to Baja.
no shit, here is our house right now. i have never seen this much snow here at once, ever, and that in my 34yrs of my 42 here.

i'll put up a last post before we leave but i've got polishing to do right now. enjoy! Steve.


Justin Hoppmann said...

Thanks Steve! Looks great!

Mimbres Man said...

Enjoy Baja!

Anonymous said...

man... you're old like me! hahaha. Can I visit you this summer?