Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Justin's frame off to paint / Jude's off to him, / we are out of here until March 11th.

Justin's frame is off to paint & i'll get it when we return.
a couple of final detail shots. here, the Stainless Steel dropouts are brazed on with silver alloy.

ditto here - H2O bottle boss reinforcement.

Jude's turquoise frame is off to CA tomorrow morning.

now that's smooth & shiny!

these critters aren't dumb - the heater is the place to be right now.

that's it for awhile y'all. we are leaving morning and will be returning late on the 9th of March but for all practical purposes i won't be in the office until the 11th - trip cleanup! see you all then, Steve & Denise.


humjude said...

Beeeaauutifulll. Steve, that bike is so pretty I'll have to buy my wife a mess of turquoise jewelery next time I'm in Gallup just to make her happy. Have a great trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Did that frame get faced before it was sent out?

Anonymous said...

hi steve, i ride in france with a julie racing design steel handmade single speed, and if i could would have a bike from your hands too.maybe some day.
good job .jean paul.