Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jude's 650B all done / lacing your Hadleys right now, too.

Shiny-Shiny & off to become Turquoise.
final alignment check. sweet across the table.

it's so nice to nail the spots you are over filing for excessive amounts of time - you gotta pay your dues, i reckon.
I positioned the frame like this for this shot to show the angle needed to create such a puddle of molten metal.
Short & Sweet today, all. lacing Jude's wheels & packing to go kayaking over the weekend so i'm mighty busy. Garro.


humjude said...


I'm so giddy I feel like a little girl... Have a great weekend trip...

Mimbres Man said...

Nice work Steve!

velomatt said...

Thumbs up for Hadley hubs!!!