Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Justin's frame off to paint / Jude's off to him, / we are out of here until March 11th.

Justin's frame is off to paint & i'll get it when we return.
a couple of final detail shots. here, the Stainless Steel dropouts are brazed on with silver alloy.

ditto here - H2O bottle boss reinforcement.

Jude's turquoise frame is off to CA tomorrow morning.

now that's smooth & shiny!

these critters aren't dumb - the heater is the place to be right now.

that's it for awhile y'all. we are leaving morning and will be returning late on the 9th of March but for all practical purposes i won't be in the office until the 11th - trip cleanup! see you all then, Steve & Denise.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Justin's frame: process sequence.

Sorry about the lack of pics, i've been super busy getting your frame done & packing for Baja - we will be gone & completely out of contact from Feb 24th to March 11th. get ahold of me now, or get ahold of me then.
does this romantic little nook look like a place you would want to spend 1/4th of your life? well then maybe Framebuilding is the career for YOU!

i missed the main triangle shot or it didn't download, but here we are checking out component specs & clearances.
i like the old school term "fish mouths" for what most call "miters" now. when an old cat walks in and looks and says "nice fish mouths!" you know they are with the program.
fully tacked, aligned, cleaned & ready to be brazed.
this set of rear stays was not an easy creation. sexy, though!
end of day clean-up beer well earned.
MMMMM..........brazed & soaked.
not bad, quite smooth & easily worked.

booth shot.
as she stands. about 75% finished. i'm going out there right now to wrap it up.
we are quite ready to go to Baja.
no shit, here is our house right now. i have never seen this much snow here at once, ever, and that in my 34yrs of my 42 here.

i'll put up a last post before we leave but i've got polishing to do right now. enjoy! Steve.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stan's frame out of here, Jude's at paint, postcard from the edge, Lee's Ferry.

i finally got Stan's decals & prepped and shipped his frame.
last shot before it goes in the box.

here is an old postcard! i sent it from Bolivia in 1999. i have a few, i'll add more if you like them. the picture on the card is show below - classy!

Llamas have been around for quite awhile - i doubt they needed help. we did check out some tough mountain folk in helmets like this guys - they are TOUGH.

we just got a few days in at Lee's Ferry - it was *awesome!* there was no snow but wayyyy up high.

we got to dial in our twin Neckys - that are pretty smooth feeling, nice and stable.
Jerry & Roabie got out with us - Good Times!

my 1st time solo in a kayak since i got crushed. nice trout, too!!
The Tooth - the largest free standing rock in Arizona, i have heard. it certainly is huge. 1000ft++.
Denise near {you guessed it} Cathedral Butte.

Denise eddying out behind a big boulder.
Barry, Jerry, Roabie.
Marybeth & Brock did a drive by & we hit them up for beers. contrary to their float, it does not look like they needed help.........

more later, starting Justin's bike in the morning - Steve.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jude's 650B all done / lacing your Hadleys right now, too.

Shiny-Shiny & off to become Turquoise.
final alignment check. sweet across the table.

it's so nice to nail the spots you are over filing for excessive amounts of time - you gotta pay your dues, i reckon.
I positioned the frame like this for this shot to show the angle needed to create such a puddle of molten metal.
Short & Sweet today, all. lacing Jude's wheels & packing to go kayaking over the weekend so i'm mighty busy. Garro.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Stan & Jude - tubes in, bikes out.

Ahhhh - high gloss black. much like the proverbial "little black dress" it leaves little to imagination & hides even less........every imperfection jumps right out at you, but this frame is smooooth. just waiting on silver decals to send this gem to WI.
i really tried to blend all the fillets perfectly & i'm proud of the effort.

man, that looks cool in the snow. we got more snow & we have drifts that i estimate at 10-12+ feet with an all over coverage of around 4'.

fillet brazing sure is allot of work but worth the end results are distinctive & worth it.

here is Jude's 650B fresh out of the dunktank this morning. gonna put in a good pull on polishing it up today & get it off for a coat of Turquoise ASAP.

i have been really getting in the groove brazing. a hot fast pre-heat with a huge flame & then detail work with a smaller precise flame.

FFF = fine fresh fillets.

Security Force!

that's it for now dedicated readers {all 85!} thanks, all - Garro.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Stan's frame finished, Jude's coming right along / finally got out!

Stan's completed frame. a very straightforward sweet rig.
a nice, fat strong fillet.
while it seems that blending the two fillets together would be less work, it's actually more work to polish - go figure.......
Jude's bike, 1st sub assembly. seattube sleeve made from an 8' length of 4130, seattube cut to length & mitered, H2O holes drilled & ST tacked to the BB shell. still need to drill the vent holes for the down tube & toptube and the seat tubehole and slot. it's the "spine" of the bike - make it good.
BAM! front triangle all tacked.
I got out for my 1st exercise in over two weeks. damn, that was a long two weeks. trails were *perfect*.
dropping ledges with Annie. i sure love it when my old mtn biking friends take time to go out riding with me!
Dry Creek was flowing crystal clear & ice cold. the pebbles in the stream bed were very pretty and the dogs were very stoked.
damn, this is a huge Arizona Cypress. one of my favourite trees.
our cat Gus-Gus has issues........good taste, but issues nonetheless.

that's all for now, happy February, y'all. Garro.