Monday, January 18, 2010

Stan's frame, last ride before the storm........

and so it starts: Stan's bike, a 29er off to Wisconsin.
all fluxed up: brazing the seat tube sleeve on.

sub-assembly. #1 - seat tube/bottom bracket. checked for straightness - onward!

front triangle all done. "BLO" - bicycle like object.

random shop shot. widget drawer.

got a last ride in before the storm - it's dumping snow right now - up to 4' forecast.

not bad views, either.......
a tiny, tiny cactus - about as big as a quarter.
dropping in on lost watch!

don't let a soap yucca poke your eye out!!

i thought this looked cool - the dry rain falling over the Verde Valley with cockscomb in the foreground and snow covered Mingus Mountain in the background.
NW 1/4 section 34, Township 18N, Range 5E. you can find this exact spot on a Coconino Natl' forest map - it says "Yavapai" so i thought it was the border with that county & Coconino, but on the map it shows the border as being about 2mi. east of here.......i think i believe the surveyors more then the map. you? that's it for now, thanks all for reading, Steve.

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