Thursday, January 28, 2010

kinda jacked up.........

i jacked up my left wrist polishing so i've been moving slow the last few days - i can hardly do shit with only one good limb to my name! still, i was able to prep Eric's frameset so he could come build it - dark ford blue, a fine color. i went to acupuncture & massage and i'm feeling better about my wrist, it's coming around. i'm constantly treading a thin line on the edge of overuse.
all built! quite the eclectic gruppo. ready to go around the block or around the world, no problem.

stoked guy leading his new pony home.
going to get back on Stan's frame today & wrap it up. wrist feels up to it - i need a color!

this kinda thing is what works you - repetitive motion.

lastly, curving top tubes.

that's it for now, ya'll. next time i'll be back with Stan's finished frame & Jude's in process - Steve.

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humjude said...

Oohhh! Is that MY toptube... I completely understand about the repetitive motion thing. I've spent the last eight years grinding metal and welding. It is definitely hard on your joints. My fingers are getting numb just looking at that tiny file...