Sunday, January 10, 2010

just a whole bunch of cool stuff - check it out!

Current project: Eric's bike. design goal achieved - whole bike fits in a bag the size of the wheel. this bike has been a pleasure to build, i have took my time more then usual & it is just oddly effortlessly perfect in a cool great way.
how about that? Eric watched me melt it all together and it is smoooooth.
tan G's blueprint. rigid 29er for carving singletrack in Wisconsin.

most of the parts all polished and checked for blems. all good!

current office view with Gus-Gus enjoying the sun.

this one kinda sucks.

George's bike went home to Yuma, AZ.
Gearing up for Baja!!!
Sweet old parts.
Doug Hall!!!!
Getting it straight.
the shop got a thorough cleaning & the table got oiled & the floor got swept.
Andrew: i'll take this foxhound.........
Sedona secret spot.
trail side view looking up at the snow on the rim. 25 miles from our house.
a zoom shot of a dry waterfall on Wilson Mountain.
Denise & Meg. extra cheese!

well that will have to do! i'm wrapping up Eric's project after an office day today and then starting on Stan's 29er. then: Jay L, Justin H, Jude S, Jessee G, Sam B.............and on to current delivery of Nov, 2010. thanks for reading! Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Eric's bike is slick! S & S couplers are one of the best innovations in cycling in a long time.
Beautiful pics of Sedona.

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve: great to see you guys this past weekend! Thanks for laying on awesome Garro meals (and the usual awesome soundtrack in the shop). I was especially pleased with the demeanor of my fabulous foxhound, Sir Charles. Please have him boxed and wrapped before Barry gets over there this morning.

all best wishes for 2010