Friday, January 15, 2010

damn, that's sweet/some new news.

a great pic from Anthony of his new ride overlooking the Pacific - niiiiice. got to tie up Eric's project, start Stan's 29er and i'm doing some restoration on Troy's Coconino # 35, six years old, it's getting new paint & some more cable guides. right now "the three J's" are all coming up: Jay L, Jude S, Justin H. & then Sam B. 26", 650B, 29er, 26". cool. also, there are pricing changes, check out the new "FAQ" section on my main web page: while the frames i now make are considered "signature" models, there is a LESS EXPENSIVE version! same workmanship, same tubing, same geometry. all bikes on order currently will be considered "signature" models, but with no change to your price quote. i have two more frame slots open for 2010 {wow!} which are "promised" but, i usually am slightly ahead of delivery or pretty much spot-on. thanks all for your continued support, Coconino Cycles would not exist without all of you. I have just turned seven years of full time frame building as well as twenty two years of professional bicycle mechanics and twenty four years of custom wheel building. kinda crazy, huh? viva 2010! Steve.

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devin said...

it is a beauty