Friday, January 08, 2010

been MIA catching up on projects & doing some riding.......

Jack B's 650B back from Spectrum Powder works - Sharp! i really dig that color.
here it is in the low level murky sun we have in the winter - the sun barely gets above the trees in the middle of winter........

lots of snow, too!

Eric P's 700c S&S coupler frame and fork are winding down. sorry for more late-night murky pics........

cleanly done fillet brazing mid-soak. i'm trying to get beyond even having puddles. you have to run right at the ragged edge of filler breakdown to achieve this........not a very big temperature window to work in.

nice and clean - i'll post more pics as cleaning cones along, the fork is completed.

Denise doing some post ride lovin' on her 650B - her new favourite bike out of four Coconinos.

end of the day mayhem - lights out at Coconino World HQ.

I got out for an almost five hour ride a few days ago & conditions were perfect. i was really beat down!

Arizona Cyprus creates one of my favourite forests. i like the blue needles with the red dirt.

pretty much a whole five hours of this - up&down&up&down.

K-Bar & Denise. thanks, Gals!

more later, i'll check in sooner, i finally have my head above water after the Grand Canyon trip - thanks for reading, all! Steve.


hansdativ said...

Steve, that's a perfect line (SS-TT) on that seat cluster. Did I miss the raw pic?

Mimbres Man said...

That 650b is sweet! And beautiful stuff all around Steve.
Your customer Eric is going to love that S & S option. I have an S & S coupled mtn bike and it has paid for itself already in saved airline fees.

devin said...

Great Color on that frame,,, got to love the red rock wish I could be there to play,,

Sabrosa Cycles said...

I love that orange. Lovely.

planteo said...

Hey- that's an iced Coconino...mmmmmmmm!